Want to be more healthy and flexible?

If you're aiming to live a healthy, active life, but finding it's not always easy, you're not alone!

Yoga is one great way to live well, but even the sun salutation can be hard if our bodies aren't (yet) as flexible as the yogis that created it.

Healthy habits don't always stick easily, so having a few friends along and figuring out what will make an impact on your life is a great help.

Coming soon:

  • Start to love the sun salutation. - I will guide you so you find ease, without worrying about putting your back out!
  • Track your habits to see what is tripping you up and what you want to get on track.
  • Find ways to live your life well without having to drop everything else.

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About me:

I'm Liz, a yogi and user experience specialist. I'm bringing these skillsets together so that you can live in better shape than ever by taking control of the things you can.

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