Want to feel stronger and calmer than ever, whatever the next few months bring?

We are pulling on drained resources of energy and optimism. And yet, we need to be strong, healthy, calm and find cheer to look after ourselves, others and to live fully.

I'm Liz, a yogi and user experience specialist. I'm bringing these skillsets together so that you can live 2021 in better shape than ever by taking control of the things you can.

WIll you seize the day and connect with me?

Coming in 2021:

  • Establish a regular yoga practice that fits in with your schedule (whether you are new to yoga, struggle to find the discipline or just want to improve).
  • Learn how to adapt the sun salutation to your body. - I will guide you so you find ease for your body, without putting out your back.
  • Understand how you spend your day, where the time goes and if it is building the path to your dreams.

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